Margot & Paul

Dear Carmel,
Thank you so much again for all your help with our wedding service preparations and for delivering such a beautiful service. All our guests were really moved and everyone commented on your wonderful readings. I had to make copies of the poems and send them to everyone!
As you know, weddings are a nerve-racking affair, and I worried a lot about everything-everything except the actual ceremony, because I knew you were taking care of it and I knew this part of the day was in very good hands!
When I walked in, I just knew it would be a fantastic ceremony and it was really so beautiful. It was such a moving, yet also such a happy occasion, just as I had wanted it to be.
Thanks so much for taking so good care of us, for giving us a practice run and for all the thorough preparations that made our day extra special. It was the most beautiful service imaginable, thanks to you.
In gratitude …

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